Ordering Bottles for a Charity Event

I needed to find a company that sells aluminum bottles. My company is sponsoring a charity event over a three day period, and I was trying to find out what would be the best gift to give away at this event. I knew that aluminum bottles are everywhere, especially when I am out walking at the park. I will see walkers, joggers and bicyclists carry them along with parents of young children. I had ordered from Foto88 in the past, so I decided to see if they have Foto88 corporate gifts that include bottles or mugs.

I was surprised at the number of different drink containers they offer. As soon as I saw the premium drink bottles in several different colors, I knew that was the one that I wanted to get more information on. The colors really jumped out at me. They come in green, red, blue and silver, and you can tell just by looking at them that they are quality drinking bottles. I knew that anyone out and about would feel stylish and happy with this bottle. I was happy to see that I could get an instant quote too, depending on the number of bottles I wanted to order.

I could check from as little as 50 bottles to over 1,000 of them. Once you buy 1,000, the price stays the same for the rest of the bottles as well since it is the best price. Even though I suspected I would order at least 1,000 bottles, I still wanted to see what the prices were for the other quantities. The price per bottle for over 1,000 was about half of what bottles cost if I only ordered 50. I figured it would be easy to give out that many bottles, so I went ahead and ordered 1,000 aluminum bottles. They look amazing, and I actually hope there are a few left over for me to keep myself!

The Perfect Entertainers for an Anniversary Party

I wanted to do something really special for my parents’ anniversary that was rapidly approaching. I knew that we were going to have a big party for them, but I did not want it to be a typical anniversary party. I wanted it to be something really memorable, something that would make them laugh and smile when they think back on it years from now. I did a search for party and corporate event entertainment to see if I could find any type of entertainer that would make their party an instant hit, and I found exactly what I was looking for.

My parents have a great sense of humor, and they are often teasing each other or playing practical jokes on one another. Continue reading “The Perfect Entertainers for an Anniversary Party”

Looking Forward to Our Nice New Deck

We were finally able to build our deck. We did not want wood because of how the wood deck at my parent’s house looked after just one year. The sun and rain caused cracks and splits. They sealed it every year, but it was wearing out fast. I looked at the neighbor’s deck made out of composite wood decking and it looked great years later. We decided on Timbertech composite decking for our deck. We had the deck designed by an outdoor deck expert using a computer. Part of the deck included an octagonal area where we would have a propane fire pit. Part of the deck would have a roof, and part would not. This would give us a multi-use entertainment and relaxation area outdoors.

Our deck plan included built-in seating. Continue reading “Looking Forward to Our Nice New Deck”

My Friend is Finally Happy at the New Apartments in Tampa I Showed Him on the Internet

I was visiting my friend. He has been living in the same apartment since he was working on his doctoral degree. He is tough to get moving on something new. His personality makes him perfect for the tedious research he does for a major company, but he forgets he does not have to settle now. On my visit the noise was just awful. There were sirens outside, and his neighbors were having a shouting match. I asked him why he had not moved into a place like those new Tampa apartments that opened up. He started to say something and then paused. He got an odd look on his face like someone just slapped him, and he told me he had no earthly idea why he had not moved yet. Continue reading “My Friend is Finally Happy at the New Apartments in Tampa I Showed Him on the Internet”

A Gift for My Father

My father always wanted to race horses, but he never got around to it, because he had a family to take care of, and he couldn’t cover the costs on his income. Now that I’m all grown up and making good money at my job, I decided that I wanted to give my father what he always wanted. I paid for him to have racehorse training and surprised him with it on his birthday. He was excited to see my present, but he was a little worried that he was too old to be racing at this point.

I told my father to just check it out and see how fun it would be. We went to the training area and met with one of the professional trainers. Continue reading “A Gift for My Father”

Rugs for My New House

When we purchased a new house, I was happy with most everything in it. I absolutely loved the hardwood floors, and I knew that I was going to keep them. I had always had carpeting everywhere I had lived ever since I was a child, and I just loved how different it looked with natural wood floors. I knew that I was going to get some area rugs though for both the living room as well as the dining room. I went online and did a search for rugs for sale at stores in the area.

That is how I found out about The Rug Store. I thought that I would have to get this from a local store, but I really did not see anything that I liked at any of them. The Rug Store though had quite a few that I liked. Continue reading “Rugs for My New House”

I Found an Inventive Way to Support Myself

As a college student, I have needed to be proactive in finding ways to support myself while I get through school. Only one other person in our family has made it through their time at university to get a degree, and I want to be the second person in my family to do it. Mom and dad are already stretched thin financially, so it’s up to me to make sure I make extra money. Recently, after learning what the scrap copper prices per pound are, I decided that would be just one more way to make money and support myself. My goal is to not give up school due to financial concerns.

My dad tried to go to college when he was a young man. But he married young and had me soon after. Continue reading “I Found an Inventive Way to Support Myself”

Finding a Worthy Bike Replacement

There’s nothing more I like to do than riding on my mountain bike. Biking is such a great form of exercise because you can go anywhere at a fast speed, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your knees like when you are running for long periods of time. When my bike was damaged, I felt so heart broken. That bike had been with me since my teenage days, and it was too banged up to be repaired. I felt I had the best mountain bike, but it was gone, so I had to find something to replace it.

I didn’t think I could find anything that would be able to take the place of what I thought was the best bike in the world. Continue reading “Finding a Worthy Bike Replacement”

Finding the Best Bottle for Our Babies

When I was pregnant with my first child, we made a lot of mistakes as first time parents. At the time, they seemed devastating, but we soon realized that most new parents go through the same learning curve. That is why I was so much better prepared for my second child. I breastfed my son, and I knew that I was going to do the same to his little brother or sister as soon as they came out into the world. I also knew though that I had to find the best baby bottles because I did not do that last time.

Even with me breastfeeding, there are times when I just need to have a bottle for the baby. Continue reading “Finding the Best Bottle for Our Babies”

I Was in a Rush to Get Ready to Go Oveseas

When I learned that I would be traveling to Europe. I realized that I would need some better clothes rather quickly. I already had my passport because I had gotten one year earlier. That definitely saved some time. But I really did not have time to go look for enough clothes to fit in a suitcase that would last me for 2 weeks in Europe. It was the weekend, and most places here are closed on Sundays. I needed to look for clothes shops next day delivery so that I could order some things really quickly. I don’t have trouble with most clothes that I try on, and I am rather thin. So, I knew that most things that I would order would fit me pretty easily.

I found a place online that could ship items to me rather quickly. I spent a couple of hours looking through everything they had to offer. Continue reading “I Was in a Rush to Get Ready to Go Oveseas”

No More Burnt Toast While You Pour a Cup of Coffee

I actually discovered a neat website. I have seen all kinds of reviews of all kinds of different products, but I had never seen anything that offered toaster reviews before this. Don’t get me wrong, I can definitely see the need for such a review site. Are you happy with your toaster? I was not. I would turn that little dial on the front to try and get it to toast my raisin toast the same every morning, and it never did. If I left the dial alone, it would toast it too much one day and not enough the next. You would think that in the age of fiber optic Internet that someone could make a toaster that was reliable.

Well, apparently they do. Continue reading “No More Burnt Toast While You Pour a Cup of Coffee”

Apartment Living at Its Finest

When I went to visit a friend at her new apartment, I was so impressed with what I saw there. I knew that the downtown Hartford apartments were supposed to be filled with luxury, but I honestly had no idea that it was going to be as nice as it is. First off, it is in a very charming part of town. It reminds me of close knit neighborhoods even though it is in the heart of town. The location was just the beginning of how awesome this apartment complex is though.

When I first walked into her apartment, I was really surprised at just how bright it is in there. That is because my own apartment at the time had just two small windows in the living room. Her living room was the exact opposite. Continue reading “Apartment Living at Its Finest”

Enjoying Korean Dramas Set in Historical Times

I used to say that people go to college and go nuts in the process. There was a time where we all sat around watching foreign films because a professor said it would be good for us. I do not think anyone enjoyed the low budget oddities, but we would watch them and then discuss them like we knew what we were talking about. Now there is a trend of watching foreign TV as if there was not enough stuff to watch here. I was reminded of college, but actually now enjoy to watch Korean drama online. However, I am a huge history buff no matter what the country, and the sageuk, historical setting dramas, are right up my alley.

Korean drama is a bit different than your standard American fare. It can be in a time setting of the present or the past. Continue reading “Enjoying Korean Dramas Set in Historical Times”

The Main Reason Why I Use Quicken

One of the first things I did for my fiances this year was buy Quicken 2016. I have been using Quicken for nearly 15 years now, which is when I first discovered it. I used to keep track of my finances in a regular notebook, but Quicken makes it neater and more organized, plus I actually am able to save money because I can notice spending trends a lot better through one of the features in Quicken. I was not too sure that I wanted to use it at first, because I thought that it would be easy for others to get my information.

Nothing could be further from the truth though. It is extremely secure to use, and I don’t have to worry about anyone or anything stealing my financial data. Continue reading “The Main Reason Why I Use Quicken”

A Responsibility of the Generation

There are always new ways that we’re able to improve upon our energy use. As weather begins to rapidly and noticeably change around us, many Americans are now realizing the very real truth; that our energy use and presence on the planet does have a global impact upon it. What this means for future generations is debatable but for right now it means that we must begin taking a greater responsibility with our carbon footprints. While finding a cheap provider of energy is a great start (this site should help fellow Texans), we need to do more than simply find a provider; we have to learn how to use that energy responsibly. Continue reading “A Responsibility of the Generation”